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HP cuts desktop prices

Cuts on the Brio and Vectra lines reach 10 percent as the company takes advantage of chip price cuts by Intel.

Hewlett-Packard this week slashed prices on its HP Vectra and Brio PCs by as much as 10 percent.

For example, an HP Brio PC microtower, featuring an Intel 366-MHz Celeron processor, 64MB of RAM, 8GB hard drive, and 32-speed CD-Rom, drops 10 percent to $989.

The HP Vectra VE, with a 400-MHz Pentium II processor, 32MB of RAM and 3.2 GB hard drive, falls 9 percent to $1,149. And the price for an HP Vectra VL, with a 400-MHz Pentium II processor, 64MB of RAM, 4.3 GB hard drive, and Microsoft Windows 95, goes down 8 percent to $1,289.

Several weeks ago, Intel cut prices on its Celeron and Pentium II processors, allowing HP and other PC vendors to reduce the price of their computers.