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How to turn yourself into a 'Doctor Who' alien

Artist uses a bald cap, liquid latex, and masking tape to create an incredible Silence costume from BBC's "Doctor Who."

Season 8 of "Doctor Who" promises to show a darker side of The Doctor, but season 6 arguably gave us a look at the darkest characters in the franchise. Though there was some build-up to the existence of the Silence in season 5, Whovians couldn't appreciate just how creepy the Silence were until season 6's opener, "The Impossible Astronaut."

And man, the Silence are the stuff of nightmares. Not only are these alien creatures with permanently closed mouths incredibly creepy to look at, they actually make you forget they ever existed -- and that's if they didn't bother to electrocute you to death first.

It's fairly common to see a Silence cosplayer or two walking around the various Comic-Cons, and on Wednesday, YouTube artist Pinkstylist released a new video showing how to perfect the art of turning yourself into one of the Silence.

Halloween is still a few months away, but given how intricate the process of converting yourself to a member of the Silence is, you may want to start practicing now. And if I see one of you walking down the street dressed up as the Silence this October, please forgive me for screaming and running the other way as fast as I can.

The Silence will fall this Halloween. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

(Via Reddit)