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Hottest holiday gifts unboxed

Check out some of our favorite tech picks, right out of the box.

Unboxing the Samsung UN60F7100 HDTV

Unboxing a 60-inch HDTV is always awkward and challenging, but we were pleasantly surprised at Samsung's thoughtful packaging of the UN60F7100. By twisting off a set of four plastic gaskets located around the bottom corners of the box, it was a breeze to lift off the top and reveal the beautiful 1080p edge-lit LED LCD inside.

Aside, the the TV itself and a unique four-leg base that could swivel, Samsung threw in four pairs of active 3D glasses, a few odds and ends, and a nifty remote control with a touch pad. The only real headache for this unboxing was locating the small packet of screws required to attach the TV to the base. On the whole, though, it was an easy setup.

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 is Samsung's flagship smartphone and one of the most celebrated phones of 2013. A CNET Editors' Choice, the S4 includes features that keep it at the top of any Android fan's shopping list.

Out of the box, the first thing you'll notice is the S4's large 5-inch screen, which boasts a 1080p HD resolution and uses a color-rich Super AMOLED display. Behind it all you'll find a quad-core processor that can handle anything you can throw at it. Also included in the box were a pair of in-ear headphones with multiple sizes of silicone ear sleeves and an in-line remote. It was a fun product to unbox, and we were glad that Samsung mostly stuck to easily recyclable materials.

The Keurig Elite gets unboxed

What happens when a popular single-serve coffee machine gets unboxed? Two huge boxes, a helping of Styrofoam, and a pile of packaging later, the Keurig reveals itself as a product full of little surprises. Watch as Sharon Vaknin assembles the machine...and burns herself in the process. Caffeine addicts, this one's for you.

Unboxing the Google Nexus 5

The wait is over. After months of rumors and leaked images, Google's flagship phone is finally here, and this thing is the real deal. Lucky for me, we got our hands on an early Nexus 5 unit along with an official, brightly-colored bumper.

As the cardboard and packing paper came off, we found a quick start guide, your typical warranty info, and, of course, a power brick and USB cord. No surprises there, but there was one thing missing: headphones!

The phone itself is impressive right out of the box. The new matte back gives it a clean look, while the ceramic side buttons add a subtle industrial look. Watch the complete unboxing and see what else Google's long-awaited phone has to offer.

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

The best thing about unboxing a tablet is the plastic sticky cover that some manufacturers place over the screen. Not only does it protect it from scratches while shipping, but it's surprisingly satisfying to rip off. Thankfully, the Tab 3 comes with such a cover and it pleased me -- probably a bit too much -- to remove it. There was also a plastic cover on the back, so unboxing the Tab 3 was doubly exciting. As tablet unboxings go.

After removing the tablet, you'll see a thick English and Spanish language warranty booklet as well as a really comprehensive Quick Start Guide, which is more like a full instruction booklet, given the level of detail inside. Removing those, you'll finally reach the neatly wrapped Micro-USB cord and its accompanying power adapter. In all, a simple tablet unboxing, but one that made me appreciate the thoughtfulness Samsung puts into packaging its tablet products.

Unboxing the iPad Air

At this point, I consider myself a veteran iPad "unboxer". Not sure if it's worth adding to my list of skills on LinkedIn, but with all the iPads that have passed through CNET's doors over the years, I could unbox these things in my sleep.

Still, I was hoping Apple would throw me a curveball with the iPad Air, given the fanfare around the name change. Maybe a little helium in the box, a handwritten note from Tim Cook, or perhaps a single spec of dust in an otherwise immaculate container to confirm everyone's suspicions that Apple may be losing their edge.

But no, for better or worse, opening the iPad Air was basically a case of unboxing deja vu. The beautiful tablet sits on top, wrapped in a plastic sheath that I can only assume is a drool guard. Beneath it, in what I like to call the "smuggler's compartment" you get your Lightning cable, charging adapter, and a selection of tiny Apple stickers and literature that I read breathlessly for this video but was unfortunately cut out for the sake of time.

What's not included, are headphones. This has always been the case with the iPad, and maybe it's for the best. Apple keeps one less pair of earbuds from the landfill and bolsters the market for third-party accessories. Everybody wins, except you. So, if you're buying one of these for yourself or as a gift, you may want to spring for some headphones too.

Unboxing Sony's Playstation 4

We finally take the wraps off the Sony Playstation 4. The box for this 500GB console measures 18.5 inches wide by 4 inches deep by 13 inches high, and weighs 9 pounds. The outside art includes characters from the Infamous and Assassin's Creed games, as well as the (delayed) Watch Dogs.

Inside the box, you'll find a more complete set of accessories than the PlayStation 3 originally included. The initial 2006 PS3 had an A/V cable (yes, a standard-definition cable), an Ethernet cable, an AC power cable, a USB charging cable for the controller, and a single wireless PS3 controller. Also included in many early PS3 retail boxes was a Blu-ray disc, to show off the then-new capabilities of the Blu-ray drive, but later revisions changed the hardware design and accessories.

In the PlayStation 4 box, you get a wireless controller, USB charging cable, and the power cable, but also a simple monaural headset mic and, drum roll please, an HDMI cable.

Unboxing Microsoft's Xbox One

Jeff Bakalar cracks open the brand new Microsoft Xbox One.

Unboxing the Beats Pill mini bluetooth speaker

True to its name, the Beats by Dr. Dre Pill is cleverly packaged and designed just like your daily vitamin. Get a dose of this powerful bluetooth speaker as Sharon Vaknin unboxes the blue model.

Unboxing the Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display

Donald Bell finds out what's inside the white box that holds Apple's smallest tablet -- and, perhaps more importantly, what's not in there.

Unboxing the Fitbit Force

Watch CNET's Donald Bell unbox the Fitbit Force, a top-tier fitness tracker that can even keep tabs on your sleeping habits.