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Hot on iPhone's heels: BlackBerry Bold gets FCC approval

The RIM BlackBerry Bold passes FCC testing, clearing the way for an expected August launch with AT&T.

RIM BlackBerry Bold RIM

Amid all the iPhone 3G and App Store talk today, another rising star in the smartphone world got its FCC wings today. Yes, the much-anticipated RIM BlackBerry Boldreceived FCC approval, bringing it one step closer to a real-world debut. We already know that the Bold is headed for AT&T, but the exact availability date has been in question. Some sources, such as the Boy Genius Report, say it will be released some time in mid-August.

Many are already calling the BlackBerry Bold an iPhone competitor, which frankly bugs me. While I certainly understand the inclination to do so, given that they share similar features, including 3G support, Wi-Fi, and GPS, I think they're intended for two different users. The iPhone 3G is very consumer-centric, while the BlackBerry Bold is largely business focused. But hey, I'll play along. Either way, it's just good news that the Bold finally cleared the FCC and we're all that much closer to getting the BlackBerry Bold into our hands.

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