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Holy cannoli: Nokia N73 'Godfather' edition

Nokia releases a special Godfather edition of the Nokia N73 that ships with the movie preloaded on the smart phone.

Nokia N73, Godfather edition
Nokia N73, Godfather edition Nokia

You know, as much as I'm tempted to pepper this blog with all sorts of wacky Godfather references and lines, I'll spare you the pain and just give it to you straight. Nokia has released a special edition of its N73 multimedia smart phone to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece, The Godfather. The Nokia N73 Godfather edition is dressed in a chic black package and ships with a 256MB mini SD card that's preloaded with the original, full-length movie to watch on your phone. Know what else is cool? You can tell Nokia which movie you'd like to see on the next N series device. Head on over to the Nokia site for more information. No official details on exact pricing and availability of the N73 Godfather edition, but we're trying to hunt that down for you.