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Hexbug larva robot makes our skin crawl

It's not enough that bugs already outnumber us 100 million to one. Hexbug has decided to populate the world with little robot larvae.

Please don't let this hatch in my house. Hexbug

You know what the world needs? More bugs.

It's not enough that they already outnumber us 100 million to one. Toy company Hexbug has decided to make little robot larvae, which could hatch into the hottest stocking stuffer this holiday season.

Now, I know I'm not being completely irrational when I say I find these plastic larvae creepy. I can see how they could be the perfect gift for tech-savvy kids with an interest in robotics.

But come on, bugs? Who likes bugs (other than entomologists and those creepy people who buy dead bugs in frames)?

The larvae come in five colors--green, blue, red, orange, and black--and start at $10.99 (batteries included). Also, they don't just sit there looking like colorful plastic larvae, but can change direction in relation to obstacles in their path. And larvae aren't even the half of it. Hexbug has a bunch of robot creepy-crawlies scurrying around its Web site--inchworms, ants, spiders.

I guess kids love bugs, which is why this will probably land on your 6-year-old's holiday list.

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