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Here are the Launch Conference winners

Space Monkey gets a running start in its attack on DropBox, and more down-to-earth startups win awards, too.

Scoot's team, and product, was one of the few plucked from the Demo Pit to present on-stage. Rafe Needleman/CNET

I have already weighed in on my top picks from the Launch conference (Day 1, Day 2), but I was also part of the conference's Grand Jury panel that picked the winners from the show in categories more standard than mine. The full rundown follows.

Also at this conference, more than a million dollars of prize money was committed to investing in these startups, with, again, Space Monkey being the big winner. My favorite Demo Pit company, Scoot Networks, also made off with $50,000, and That's Suspicious Behavior nabbed a much-needed seed round.

Launch is a great startup conference. If you're able to make it next year, I highly recommend it.

1.0 Company winners

These were companies that have never been seen before:

Best Overall: Space Monkey
I was delighted, and not at all surprised, so see this new grid storage company take the top spot. (Read my review.)

Best Design: MinBox
Fantastic new e-mail client. Coming soon, and not a moment too soon, either.

Minbox isn't live yet, but what was shown on the demo screens at Launch wowed the judges. Rafe Needleman/CNET

Best Business Model: AppStack
Builds mobile apps, and advertising campaigns, in a snap given just a business' phone number

Best Technology: Captricity
Turns a sea of paper forms into electronic data records.

Diamond in the Rough: Copper
Very interesting micropayment platform for "tipping" content providers. Secret sauce: the technology figures out who the content owner is and how to pay them.

Best Presentation: That's Suspicious Behavior
A smartphone app version of the neighborhood watch, with the benefit that other people can see what's being reported. Makes it easier for neighbors to spot potential crime patterns early.

2.0 Company winners

These were new products from companies that we've heard from previously:
YouEye knows what you're looking at, and how much you like it. Rafe Needleman/CNET

Best Overall: AllTuition
A Web app for discovering what aid programs are available for the colleges you want to apply to. It also helps with the paperwork. Should save a lot of parents and students a lot of headache.

Best Design: Wanderfly
Updated version of the social trip planner. Just a mature, beautiful, and dialed-in interface for dealing with a complex task.

Best Technology: YouEye
Webcam-based tool for doing gaze tracking as well as emotion assessment when a subject is using an application or watching a video.

Best Presentation: Vocre
Near-real-time translation app for smartphone video calls.

Best Business Model: License123
From DocStoc, a single place to find out which licenses you need--and then get the PDFs of them--when opening a small business in any city. Another big headache solver.

And a little more

Finally, of the more than 100 "Demo Pit" (non-presenting) companies, one got an award:

Best Demo Pit company: Scoot
It's a ZipCar for electric scooters. Google guy Don Dodge says, "I've looked at the numbers. This is a great business."

I sat through every single on-stage Launch pitch and filed quick impressions on all of them. Check out the Tweets to relive the moments.