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Hello Kitty pirate cell phone charm: This is not a joke

Yes, this is real. Pinch me!

StrapYa World

Considering our "love" of all things Hello Kitty and all things pirate-related on this blog, you might think that this post is a joke. In fact, when Tim Moynihan heard about it, he said "holy s-burgers!" and expressed the emotion that perhaps this is the Crave gadget to end all Crave gadgets. And Erica Ogg said, "I think Crave might explode when you post that."

(I said no. It would be the Crave apocalypse if it were a Hello Kitty pirate toy that changed color when you plugged it into a USB port. So we're safe for now.)

It does seem too awesome to be true, but it isn't. There actually is such thing as a cell phone charm that depicts Hello Kitty dressed up as a pirate. And to make it even better, it comes with daggers. Hello Pirate Kitty is trapped in the barrel, and by some bizarre twist of logic, you have to put the little daggers into the barrel in order to free her. Then, according to the product page, "You're the winner and hero! Kitty might kiss you expressing her gratitude!"


You can buy it here. Looks like it's exclusively in Japan for now, but that'll change when Crave bulk-orders several thousand of them.

(Via Plastic Bamboo)