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Hello Kitty camera and the apocalypse

Just another Sanrio product that gives us the creeps

Great, yet another thing to make us paranoid. But unlike the eggs and Swarovski crystals of our nightmares, something tells us we're not alone in our discomfort with Hello Kitty.


Actually, we know for a fact that the macrocephalic feline has been alternatingly irritating and creeping out people for nearly three decades (chills). So it was really just a matter of time before it happened to us.

We started to sense something amiss while reading about the latest Hello Kitty MP3 player. But then we had to avert our eyes upon viewing the "Tink Pink X Hello Kitty DC571" digital camera.

We could provide technical details, but Engadget makes this excellent observation: "If you're in the market for a 25,000 Yen ($217) pink camera with colored crystals arranged to resemble a small cat, specs and functionality just really aren't all that important." We couldn't agree more--and now we must end this item before the chest pains begin.