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Hello, Cruisy McCruiseFace!

UK-based P&O Cruises will allow the public to name its next ship. This should be interesting.

Building on the publicity garnered by a decision to let the Internet name a British research vessel, Carnival-owned P&O cruises is doing the exact same thing, this time with a cruise liner.

In the case of that research boat, the public overwhelmingly chose snark, awarding the name RSS Boaty McBoatface 124,109 votes -- more than four times the total earned by the runner-up: RRS Poppy-Mai,named after a 16-year-old girl with incurable cancer. Britain's National Environment Research Council ended up rejecting the public choice, eventually christening its vessel the RRS Sir David Attenborough, which finished fourth in the voting.

The most recent name in UK-based P&O's current fleet is Brittania, so the @pandocruises cruise line may have simply run out of suitably pandering monikers. Here are a handful of alternatives so far from the Twitter replies to Wednesday's announcement:

  • Jumpy McBandwagon
  • HMS Social Media Gimmick
  • Cruisy McCruiseFace
  • Brexy McBrexitFace
  • Floaty McNorovirus
  • Massive Floater
  • Titanic