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Harmony remote competitor going for bargain price

Looking for a deal? The Acoustic Research ARRX18G is a very good universal remote that's a fraction of the cost of a Logitech Harmony.

Sarah Tew/CNET

If you're looking for a remote control, most people will tell you to get a Logitech Harmony. But there are a number of high-quality alternatives.

For the past two years, the Acoustic Research ARRX18G ($200) has been one of these. Unfortunately, it's just been discontinued, but if you're looking for a good remote at rock bottom prices--around $60--take a look online.

We've been using the ARRX18C for a couple of weeks and found it to be more flexible than the Harmony line because it offers both in-remote and online setup. Programming it was straightforward, but it did have a problem with our HDMI distributor, which had to be programmed in manually. It also comes with RF control, something only the Harmony 900 does, and can enable inter-room usage.

It was only when we went to check pricing with the manufacturers that they informed us he product was discontinued. Their loss, your gain--if you're quick.

We love Harmony remotes--especially the One and the 900, but they're a little hard to tweak in comparison. If you want something that's easy and feels good in your hand we'd recommend the ARRX18G while it lasts.