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Guess what this vehicle from the Han Solo movie might be

Director Ron Howard teases a look at an unidentified vehicle from the "Solo" movie. But we have an idea of what it is and who's behind the wheel.

There's no better way to kick off 2018 than with some random Star Wars speculation. 

Ron Howard, director of the "Solo: A Star Wars Story" Han Solo origin movie, teased fans on Monday with a tweet showing a steering wheel and two arms. That might not sound exciting, but you have to look a little closer to discover why it's cool. 

Here's the tweet:

Howard isn't giving us any clues, other than that the image is from the "Solo" set. Actor Alden Ehrenreich steps into the younger version of the role made famous by Harrison Ford. The arms in the photo likely belong to Ehrenreich, especially since we know Ford rocked similar gloves in 1977's "A New Hope."

But what is Solo driving/flying? Twitter followers piled onto the speculation with everything from KITT from "Knight Rider" to a Nissan Rogue to noting a slight resemblance to the steering wheels for the Millennium Falcon.

Our real best guess is the steering wheel belongs to a speeder car, which hints at some possible "Fast and the Furious"-style flying car action. Set leaks have already hinted at speeder cars, so we're pretty sure this is an official look at the steering wheel and dashboard with Solo all ready to race.

"Solo" is scheduled to reach theaters in May.