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gScreen SpaceBook laptop has double vision

SpaceBook 17 features two 17-inch LED displays that slide out to offer a huge amount of laptop screen space. It's hefty and battery-hungry, but also pretty nifty.

Sometimes, two displays are better than one. gScreen

I love the matching LCD monitors on my desktop. They keep my multiple windows and programs organized. I'm a two-screen kind of gal, and it has always felt a little strange to pop open a laptop and settle for a single screen.

The SpaceBook 17 from Alaska-based gScreen brings all that dual-screen glory to the laptop world. As you might expect, the SpaceBook is no featherweight. It features two 17-inch LED displays. All that hardware adds up to 10 pounds, so you may want a rolling bag to haul it around.

The monitors slide on top of each other to allow the laptop to fold down into a traditional shape for portability. The battery is placed at the front to add stability to the design.

Two glorious screens, plus hardware specs that are geared for handling video editing, mean that the SpaceBook is hungry for power. The battery lasts an hour and a half. You'll want to keep an electrical outlet handy for longer work sessions.

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Early adopters and mobile video professionals will likely be the first in line for the SpaceBook. It should follow the typical laptop improvement arc--becoming slimmer and less battery-hungry as the technology develops.

The SpaceBook is bulky, but dual-screen zealots won't care. It's gScreen's first product and it's currently available for preorder, with shipments starting up in about three months. Prices range from $1,899 to $2,099.