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'GPS Mail Logger': Lazy postman's worst enemy

Tracking device will show where mail has been every step of the way.

BrickHouse Security

Our favorite Seinfeld character, Newman, was a U.S. postal worker who had a simple solution when he got behind in his deliveries: He'd just stow the mailbags in the basement. If you suspect your own mailman saw that episode and got the same idea, read on.

The "Micro GPS Mail Logger" is designed to be tucked in with the mail and, after delivery, the recipient can track where it's been between origin and destination by examining the data on its microSD card. Bendable and a half-inch thick, it's small enough to fit into packages and maybe even envelopes without adding significant postage costs, according to Coolest-Gadgets. "With GPS you get your mail's exact satellite location, how fast it was traveling, and even its altitude throughout the delivery process," BrickHouse Security claims in its product description.

Unfortunately, this sleuthing gadget apparently isn't intended to satisfy idle curiosity--it's priced just shy of $700. But if you're determined to catch your local carrier goofing off, maybe the neighbors will agree to chip in.