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GPS device tests your skills on the slopes

The "Flaik" tracks skier's performance and can compare it with others on its online community.


If the people at Flaik are to be believed, they've created a product that's the next best thing to a personal guide on the ski slopes--and maybe even an entire posse to boot.

The Australian company's namesake product is a GPS device that can monitor your every move and log your performance, presuming that you're a good enough skier to want to keep track. Then you can keep score by posting your numbers to Flaik's online community to compare your speed, distance, air time, and other stats. By the way, don't even think about cheating--the data is transmitted in real time, marking your location "every second over a 15-hour period, and ski performance is automatically collated chronologically for users to browse, search, organize, replay, and save," according to Gizmag.

There have been other products that have similar functions--for other sports as well--but those devices are often bulkier than the Flaik, which is designed to be worn on the arm like an MP3 player. And just in case your hot dogging gets the best of you, it warns when a skier has strayed into dangerous areas as well.