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Tech Industry

Google's got its own celebrity foodie

Computer engineer finds fame, great eats at work.

At a company known for pampering staffers on a par with the court of Louis XIV, one courtier employee stands apart from the throngs. Thunder Parley's made a name for himself (his name is, of course, pretty cool to begin with) as resident food critic and connoisseur of The Google's famous culinary innovations. He influences tastes and chefs through his posts to a company intranet and lately, his role on the hiring committee for new chefs. We see a second career as a noted food critic in his future.

Like many of our generation's finest computer engineers, Thunder notes the importance of drinking games and Iron Chef in his ad-hoc epicurean training.

Read the full story at the Los Angeles Times (free subscription required, only takes a few seconds): Techie dishes on Google's grub.