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Google will start testing playable in-game ads

The company is launching minigames that will reward players, as well as multioption video ads that let players choose what they want to watch.

Google is upping its ad game.

Google Play

Google is testing playable in-game ads.


On Thursday, the company said it's testing playable in-game ads, according to TechCrunch. Players can engage with a minigame and be rewarded with extra lives or other incentives. 

Google is also launching multiple-option video ads, which let you pick which ad you want to watch in return for game rewards. 

In addition, it's extending its Universal Ad Campaigns tool beginning in May, so developers can target people who have interests similar to those of their top customers. The feature will utilize Google's machine learning tools to identify potential players. 

Google will also be experimenting with video ads for apps in its Play store

The news comes ahead of the Game Developers Conference, one of the world's largest gathering of game developers, which kicks off next week in San Francisco. The moves demonstrate Google's efforts to come up with new ways to deliver ads as companies compete for attention.