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Google welcomes first day of fall with dual Doodles for the equinox

The calendar tells us that fall has arrived in the north.


Those north of the equator are getting ready for colder, shorter days.


Even if the weather doesn't exactly feel like fall, the calendar -- and Google's Doodle -- indicate that the changing of the seasons promises to bring cool weather north of the equator.

For those living north of the globe's belly line, Monday marks the first day of fall in the Northern Hemisphere. If you live south of the equator, it marks the first day of spring.

It is, of course, the planet's equinox (not to be confused with the solstice, which couldn't be more different). The word "equinox" comes from the Latin for "equal" and "night." Essentially, it's the biannual event when the sun is directly over the equator.

Regardless of which side of the planet you live on, Google has you covered with a Doodle that reflects the mood of the season ahead of you. Those witnessing the end of summer in the north see a Doodle featuring a brightly colored leaf resting on our now-tired globe, seemingly reminded of the fleeting warm days as it girds itself for shorter, colder days ahead.


One of Google's equinox Doodles welcomes the new life that spring portends.


Meanwhile, those welcoming spring in the south see the sprouting of new life from an anthropomorphic globe, perhaps astonished and optimistic about the warmer days and new life ahead.

If you aren't too keen on this situation, remember that you can count on things moving in the opposite direction in six months.

Originally published March 19.
Update, Sept. 23: To reflect Google showing the fall Doodle in the the Northern Hemisphere and spring Doodle in the Southern Hemisphere.

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