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Google Street View gives UK police a mean idea

British police, inspired by the effectiveness of Google Street View camera cars, decide to create their own versions in order to catch more motoring miscreants.

Google Street View seems to have caused a little friction in the United Kingdom, as the British whisper loudly to defend their sense of privacy.

However, one group of people seems to have stared at the Street View camera cars, smiled, and been inspired.

Yes, the police took one look at the 360-degree cameras perched on top of innocent little cars and said to themselves: "We can do that."

Which is why residents of Greater Manchester will be delighted to hear that two Smart Cars, with cameras soaring skywards from their roofs will be patrolling their neighborhoods in a pilot scheme.

Will they ensnare texter-drivers or those applying make-up at the wheel? One hopes. But will they also capture gentlemen emitting their copious pints of lager onto the pristine sidewalk? Will they spot unfaithful husbands enjoying creepy trysts away from their forlorn wives?

What is clear, and this is something that I know will make some readers' loins gird with grit, the UK police is trying to do everything the Google way. Yes, they're doing it by the data.

In a cost-cutting joint venture, might there soon be a policeman inside? CC Master Man/Flickr

A police spokesperson declared to the Daily Mail: "'The Smart enforcement vehicles are fully police liveried and working in areas where our data analysis has identified a high occurrence of 'driver distraction' collisions and where officers have regularly observed offenses being committed."

The UK police is, indeed, being turned on to data analysis. What beautiful knowledge with which to start the week.

I only have one concern. In the Greater Manchester area, there do exist posh districts, populated by lawyers, accountants, night club owners, and money launderers.

Will they follow the example of the villagers of Broughton and surround the street-viewing Smart cars with a view to intimidating them from their midst?

If mob rule hits Greater Manchester, what hope is there left for the rest of the kingdom?