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Google Search downtime low in Brazil

New study find Google's Brazil search site down only 3 minutes in past year, Google US down 31 minutes and Google Sweden down 48 minutes.

Americans using Google are 10 times more likely to encounter a problem accessing the Google search site than Brazilians, according to a new study.

From September 1, 2006 to September 1, 2007, Brazil had only three minutes of downtime on Google search, compared with 31 minutes for the U.S., says Pingdom, a Swedish Web site monitoring firm that tracked Google uptime in 32 countries over the past year.

Brazil tops the list for Google search uptime. Pingdom

Which country in the study had the most downtime on Google? Strangely, Sweden, despite its otherwise great track record of Internet accessibility. Sweden had 48 minutes of downtime over the year.

Sweden is at the bottom of 32 countries monitored for Google search uptime. Pingdom

There was no explanation given for the disparity in the downtime in the various localized versions of the search site and it could be due to country-specific ISP issues as opposed to anything on Google's end. All of the sites had at least 99.99 percent uptime, which is extremely good.

"It is interesting that several countries not traditionally associated with a good Internet infrastructure ended up in top positions with very little downtime," Pingdom said in a news release. "Notable examples are Brazil, India, Thailand and Mexico."

A Google spokeswoman provided this statement when asked for comment: "We generally don't comment on third-party market research."