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Google News adds quotations

Google News now provides quotations for politicians and celebrities and lets you search on just the quotes.

Google is extracting quotations for politicians and celebrities from news sources and featuring them at the top of the Google News results page for certain searches.

For instance, a search on "Barack Obama" brings up a quotation by the Democratic presidential hopeful, and clicking on his name under the quote takes you to more pages of his quotations. You can then search within just the quotations from there.

"As part of Google's mission to organize the world's information, we've been hard at work making quotations in news articles easy to search and browse," the Google News blog says. "You can now more easily keep track of what your favorite politician, actor, or sports star is saying. You can even search within their quotes for specific topics."

I could find quotations for Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, President Bush, and Vladimir Putin, but not for Bill Clinton or some major actors. As for sports stars, this is what Tiger Woods had to say: "I learned my lesson there with the press. I'm not going to say anything."

Google News offers quotations for politicians, sports stars, and celebrities at the top of the results page. Google
This is a screenshot of the quotations page for Barack Obama. Note the search box on the left for searching just within the pages of quotes. Google
According to Google News, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have offered contradictory views on sociology. Google