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Google Music: Share your MP3s via Google+

The WSJ reports that Google is planning to tie new MP3 store to Google+, following an earlier CNET scoop.

Google is planning to closely link an upcoming music download store with its Google+ social network, according to a published report.

Click on photo to read Google Music's 'twist' is likely a social feature,' Greg Sandoval/CNET

CNET broke the news last week that Google plans a new social "twist" to the concept of the traditional MP3 download store. Now the Wall Street Journal reports that the plan involves Google+.

As envisioned, Google Music users could buy a song and then gift the track to contacts, who would be allowed to listen once for free, said music industry insiders who have knowledge of the plan. The WSJ reports that the store could debut within the next two weeks. Industry sources who spoke with CNET said that Google does not have all four of the major record companies signed yet, but may be willing to launch without them.

These individuals added that Google has agreements with about a dozen of large independent labels. All the top labels want Google selling music in the market, but the sides still can't agree on terms.

What we do know is that music fans give up on services that don't have the music they want. Google's YouTube has shown that the company can use its platform to distribute music successfully.

Over the past five years, YouTube videos have breathed new life into music videos, which had been stagnant since MTV largely gave up on them.