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Google Maps adds cute little UFO icon to Area 51 searches

"We click in peace."

Google Maps adds a secret UFO icon to searches of Area 51.

Screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

If you couldn't storm Area 51 or dance around dressed as an alien for Alienstock over the weekend, you can still get in on the extraterrestrial fun via Google. If you go to Google Maps and drag the little yellow Street View man icon over the Area 51 area by Groom Lake in the Nevada desert, a cute UFO icon will pop up. 

Area 51 is the nickname for a US Air Force base at Groom Lake, which is located 85 miles (135 kilometers) from Las Vegas.

For those interested in taking a peek at Area 51 via Google Maps, type in Groom Lake, and a satellite view of the base will pop up. The added bonus is you won't get arrested for trespassing. 

Google Maps verified the Easter egg with a tweet on Monday that said "We click in peace." Twitter user Jenny Reed first tweeted about the Easter egg on Friday, the day an unknown number of alien raiders were supposed to storm Nevada's most notorious secret site looking for aliens. It turned out more like a little costume party

Area 51 contains a baseball field, an underground base and additional runways on a dry lake. Sadly, there's no proof or evidence of aliens or UFO spacecraft.