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Google doodles into its teenage years

To celebrate its 13th birthday, Google decides to honor itself with a doodle.

Some kiss a girl or a boy for the first time. Some turn to an illicit beverage, weed or powder. But Google has decided to enter its teenage years with a doodle.

Yes, Google is 13 and how lucky it is.

Screenshot: CNET

Like any newly formed teenager, Google attracts suspicion, derision, and not a little commentary with incision. And yet it chooses to remind itself that it is a mere pup, still ready to make the mistakes that pups make, though hopefully not when it comes to social networking.

The doodle itself is a modest affair. Just a cake, some balloons, some candles, and a few party hats. You can't animate it. You can't make it play a jingle.

And to think this company was originally called BackRub. Where would we all be today if we spent half our days back-rubbing? In jail, I shouldn't wonder.

Happy birthday, Google. You have changed our lives. Occasionally, in good ways.