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Glowy tablecloths: for seances, or uber-awesome outdoor parties

Made with fiber optics!


As you may recall, Mike didn't really like the LED handbag that he blogged a few weeks ago, comparing it to The Blob. I think it bears more of a resemblance to a jellyfish, but that's beside the point.

Yes, the LED handbag was pretty ugly, but illuminated cloth objects don't have to be. I just found out about LumiGram, a French site that sells fabric commodities like bags, tank tops, and yes, tablecloths that are equipped with plastic optical fibers woven alongside the regular threads. They're powered by (allegedly) discreet batteries and are hand-washable.

The clothing and bags (photos on the product page) are a bit overkill, but I think the tablecloth is very classy and gives a rather spooky-chic aura. It'd be great for everything from Halloween parties to late-night backyard fiestas. Alternately, I'm sure it could be transformed into some kind of cosplay garb, too.

(Via Core77)