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Glimpse of HP laptop to come: the Spectre

A teaser video of a new HP laptop has emerged, shrouded in mysterious music and darkness.

CES wouldn't be CES if we didn't have odd "leaked" videos hitting the web before the actual event itself, and here's our first candidate for laptops: a video of the HP Spectre has emerged online.

The Verge

According to both Engadget and The Verge, this video was leaked by an HP employee to both sites. The fact that both sites got the same video makes the leak seem less like a leak and more like a teaser trailer.

Watch the video for yourself here or here: they're identical. What we can gather from this brief footage is that the HP Spectre is sleek, it's glossy, and perhaps it's only meant to be seen at night. For more, we'll have to wait and see.