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Alphabet soup presents WWDC, E3 and NBN: Girt by CNET podcast 76

This week, we take a look at Apple's WWDC announcements, the current NBN turmoil and the best in show at E3 2016.


Strap in as we take on three big initialisms this week, with WWDC, E3 and NBN on the cards.

Can you get excited about an Apple event with no hardware announcements? We found a way. From opening up virtual assistant Siri to third-party developers, a slew of new operating systems, and doubling down on Apple's commitment to user security and privacy, WWDC still had plenty worth talking about.

The Girt team also follows up on last week's E3 talk with the hot news from the show floor. As predicted, VR was out in force at the major press conferences and on the show floor, and we take a look at the most promising titles. Sony also managed to wow us with an impressive lineup of games at its press event, and the team runs through what we're looking forward to getting our hands on.

On the home front, it's election season, which means everyone is talking about the NBN. The Labor party has committed to bringing back a pared-down FTTP model if it gets reelected, saying the Coalition's fibre to the node rollout is at odds with its committment to innovation. There's also one person who was called out for taking sides: NBN chair Ziggy Switkowski has been rebuked following an op-ed, with both major parties saying he violated his neutral caretaker role.

Girt by CNET podcast 76

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