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'One degree of Kevin Bacon, baby!' Shawn Ashmore chats on Girt by CNET Podcast 67

Shawn Ashmore, yes Iceman himself, slides by the Girt by CNET studio to chat about Quantum Break, gaming and superhero origin stories. Plus, we chat HTC Vive, Twitter's NFL plays and Tesla Model 3.

Remember a world before we started talking Virtual Reality? No, neither do we, but all of sudden we have what could only be described as VR Fatigue... or at least we did until CNET's own Scott Stein got his HTC Vive review done. He's excited and now so are we! It's great to remember what joy felt like again!

Less joy and more cautious optimism is the news that Twitter has got the rights to live-stream a number of NFL games this season -- that's the National Football League, probably better known as American Football or even Gridiron to any Aussie audience. But on the back of the local Optus acquisition of the English Premier League, we ask whether nontraditional broadcasters are the next big push into sport.

Quantum Break has been a long anticipated title for the Xbox One, helped along by the fact it's from Remedy, the same team that gave up Alan Wake and the Max Payne series. It's taken a little while but it's finally here. Shawn Ashmore, perhaps better known as Iceman from the X-Men series, plays the main character, Jack Joyce, and he stopped by the Girt by CNET studio to chat about the game and about Kevin Bacon and to generally be a really lovely guy!

Elon Musk: He may not know how to host an event like Steve Jobs did, but he sure knows how to actually make a product that excites. With the Tesla Model 3 just revealed, the Girt team gets more than a little excited about the latest Tesla car. But we still don't rate the whole "races a Boeing" thing.

Girt by CNET podcast 67

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