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Apple bites, NBN fights and ATO rights (Girt by CNET podcast 41)

This week the Girt by CNET team slice into all the Apple news, check if the new-look NBN is up to speed and get spooked by the new powers that the Australian Tax Office is keen to get.

Apple dominated the news yesterday, announcing a refresh of the iPhone range, a bigger iPad and a new-look Apple TV that'll work as a game console for iOS gaming apps. Whether that was exciting for you or just another day at the office probably depends on whether you've got the grand that you'll spend (at a minimum) on the new phone.

But there were quite a few new innovations from the Apple show-and-tell and the Girt team unpack the key takeaways. Spoiler alert: The new Apple TV is great.

Is the NBN on track and up to speed? Rod Tucker, Laureate Emeritus Professor at University of Melbourne, reckons the answer is "hell no" but NBN CEO "Wild" Bill Morrow says "yes" and doesn't seem too impressed with the suggestion that is isn't.

Finally, get your group certificates in order and make sure to file your receipts: The ATO could get classified as a "criminal law enforcement agency" and granted new powers to access intercepted communications, such as phone taps, as well as stored communications content such as emails, texts and phone calls. That sounds like fun.

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Girt by CNET Podcast 41

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