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Take a spin with CES Asia, tap in with Google I/O and get ready for Computex (Girt by CNET podcast 29)

It's event heaven as the Girt by CNET team talk CES Asia, check in on the Google I/O conference and prepare themselves for Computex in Taipei next week.

CES Asia, the inaugural Asian arm of the Consumer Electronics Show, has just wrapped in Shanghai. While it couldn't match the size of CES in Las Vegas (and wasn't trying to) it was a solid start to a new event. Car technology proved to be a big factor, as were virtual reality headsets... along with some more unusual bits of personal tech.

It's also that time of year when Google holds its I/O Developers Conference. As always there's a wealth of information coming out of San Francisco's Moscone Centre. This year saw some key information around Android M, the next flavour of the operating system (clearly soon to be named "Meringue," no matter what people think).

There was also the Google Jump -- a 16-camera rig for VR video that also includes Google's proprietary assembler software for stitching the video together. Here's what it can do:

Finally, we get prepped for Computex which kicks off in Taipei next week. Always hardware focussed, this year could see some more announcements around the Internet of Things and home automation.

Girt by CNET podcast 29

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