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Gin drinkers spend the most when drunk-shopping on Amazon

Say cheers to one-click ordering.

Archstone Recovery Services

Some of us need no alcoholic provocation to online shop, but admittedly, it might get easier to push that PLACE YOUR ORDER button if you're a bit buzzed.

Archstone Recovery Services of Florida recently surveyed more than 1,000 people who said they'd bought something on Amazon while under the influence of alcohol. 

Turns out online shopping might be a tonic (sorry) for gin drinkers who spend more on average than those imbibe other spirits. Gin drinkers spend an average of $82 per purchase.

Rum was the next closest. Rum drinkers spent an average of $53.88 per purchase, nearly $30 less than gin drinkers, while whiskey drinkers spend $38.84 per purchase.

Gin drinkers were also the most likely to splurge on a mega-purchase. Gin drinkers averaged $235 on big-ticket items, but whiskey guzzlers were second, averaging $204.70.

Don't think you can fully blame that impulse buy of 8 pounds of cereal marshmallows on your sloe gin fizz, however.

The study notes there's nothing specific about gin that makes one shop like Imelda Marcos in a shoe store. Rather, it  suggests the cause might be mental. "Sometimes expectations guide reality," the site notes. "So if you think gin makes you shop 'til your laptop dies, it just might."

The study reports that, on average, women spend more than men while drunk shopping, but that men make the biggest splurges. Don't phone home, because the most-regretted purchases are cell phones and accessories. The most enjoyed are musical instruments, with 100 percent of survey participants reporting no regrets after buying that ... guitar? ... accordion? ... ukulele?

Maybe the most entertaining category in the survey covered the oddest purchases. They included a grow tent (for purely legal plants, we're sure) and a 55-gallon drum of lubricant.