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Giant spider trying to eat mouse goes nightmarishly viral

A massive Huntsman spider in Australia attempts to tackle a meal and becomes a viral video star in the process.

Good morning. Nightmares not horrifying enough? No problem. We've saved a viral video of a rat-size spider attempting to eat a mouse for your enjoyment.

The short video, which has gotten 11 million views on Facebook since going up on Saturday, comes from Jason Womal. Womal writes, "So I am just about to leave for work about 0030 and me neighbour says 'You want to see something cool' and I say 'Hell yeah'. So we proceed to his place and he shows me this. Huntsman trying to eat a mouse."

In case you don't live in Australia, a Huntsman spider is sometimes known as a "giant crab spider," which will give you some idea of the creature's scale. It doesn't waste time building elaborate webs; it stalks its prey like a stealthy eight-legged hunter.

Huntsman spiders typically eat insects, so the spider caught on film is definitely trying to overachieve by taking on a rodent. The Animal Corner website describes the spiders as "relatively harmless." Try telling that to the poor mouse.

What really adds to the verve of this video is that all the action takes place on what appears to be the side of a refrigerator. We haven't seen a hungry critter with this much dedication to its meal since Pizza Rat shot to stardom.

Womal updated the spider's adoring social media fans with this message: "OK guys, so just letting you all know that the spider is fine. We have named him Hermie, we have adopted him and he is now running his own extermination business out of our town Coppabella. Oh, and he is now paying rent."