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Get ready for Moo Stickers

The makers of Moo cards and notecards now bring you stickers.

LAS VEGAS--So, I'm here in Sin City on my Road Trip around the Southwest, and I'm carting around a very un-gadget-like toy.

These are the brand-new Stickers from Moo, the British company that brings you the brilliant Moo business cards that are the toast of the Web 2.0 world, and clever little notecards, as well.

Moo's stickers, which come with the oh-so-cheerful slogan, "Ooh, Sticky!" on the cover of a little flip book, come 90 to a book. Like the company's other products, you can upload your own images, allowing you to wow your friends and family with no end of different stickers featuring your cat.

Moo Stickers let you upload your own photos into books of dozens of small stickers. Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Okay, well, that's me.

In fact, however, Moo was not able to get me my stickers before I departed on the road trip, but it did send me three packets of sample stickers. So I got to see the form factor.

The books are built like a oversize book of matches and are crafted with paper that's pleasant to the touch. The stickers are small and glossy, and perfect for putting on a laptop, a cell phone or a friend's back. But if you want anyone who's not within a few feet to see the sticker, you're probably out of luck.

Nevertheless, they're fun, and I'm really looking forward to getting my personal stickers when I get home.