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Gender pay gap: Workers peg tech industry as one of the top offenders

A new study shows more than a third of workers think the sexes aren't getting paid equally in tech.

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More than a third of workers in the US, 34 percent, think the tech industry pays men higher salaries than women for the same work, says a report out Wednesday from Beqom, a company that makes compensation management software.

That's compared to banking and finance, with 23 percent of surveyed workers pointing to inequality in that industry; health care and medical, at 13 percent; and education and higher education, at 5 percent.

More broadly, nearly half of US workers believe men are paid more than women at their company for doing the same job.

The report, which surveyed 1,200 workers in the US, also found that 34 percent didn't think employees at their company were paid fairly, regardless of race and age.

This survey data comes at a time when the tech industry regularly makes headlines for its male-dominated work forces and its lack of diversity. In recent years, however, companies like Apple and Salesforce have started closing their pay gaps.