Gates at RSA: Zzzzzzzzzz

The founder of the world's most important software provider misses an opportunity.

Murphy's Law in action for yours truly on Tuesday morning. The neighbor's car alarm began blasting at 2 a.m., the shower only poured out freezing water, and the subway (we call it the "MUNI" out here) was slow as molasses getting downtown. But I finally got to the Moscone Center to hear Bill Gates deliver his keynote speech at the RSA Conference 2005.

I should have stayed in bed.

Go to the Microsoft Web site and judge for yourself--they'll likely have a copy of his speech available today--but this rates as one of the all-time snoozers. The main theme: Security is important, and Microsoft cares about its customers. Toss in a few blatant company commercials for Microsoft products (most of which are still in beta), and there you had it. With a ballroom full of security professionals on hand, the founder of the world's most important software provider missed a golden opportunity to set the agenda.

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