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'Game of Brands': Shop at Stark Outfitters, fly Air Targaryen

And now a word from our sponsors: Houses Stark and Targaryen. A fun new video imagines "Game of Thrones" houses as corporations, and the ads they'd make. Greyjoy Cruises anyone?

So, let's just say the Starks make it through all the seasons -- and books -- in the "Game of Thrones" world. What would the family wind up doing? Opening Stark Outfitters, of course, a company that gears you up for the worst winter can throw at you.

At least that's the vision of the tenacious Westeros house depicted in the video from Shutterstock above. The clever compilation features three commercials that follow a fictitious episode of "Game of Thrones."

After the outdoorsy Stark ad, you get one for House Targaryen (which has something to do with transportation, natch), followed by the Lannister spot which resembles an ad for financial services.

The video, called "Game of Brands," is yet another fun twist on the hit HBO series that debuts its fifth season on April 12.

The entire clip was assembled using stock footage (which, of course, was the reason for the promo in the first place). It shows the range of prerecorded footage on offer from Shutterstock, and is part of a larger "Game of Brands" project that imagines the great houses of Westeros as modern-day corporations like "Baratheon Security" and "Greyjoy Cruises." Check them out here.

(Via Fansided)