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Galaxy S4, SimCity and superfast broadband in Podcast 330

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is nearly here -- and we discuss a British broadband boost, SimCity woes and a French invasion of your phone bill.

S! 4! Ain't no party like a Samsung party! The Samsung Galaxy S4 is announced tonight, so we take a last look at the rumours -- as well as a British broadband boost, SimCity woes, and a French invasion of your phone bill.

It seems that in some parts of Kent French phone signals are riding roughshod over British bars, hitting plucky Britons with gallic roaming charges. In better news for the UK, Ofcom has revealed that broadband speeds are getting faster -- no matter what Netflix says.

We take a look at the future of ailing HMV as Asda gets ready to step in, and chew over what went wrong with EA and SimCity.

We delete aggressive adverts that trash-talk rivals, like the LG ad that tried to diss the S4 and Samsung's queue-jumping commercials.

And we hear from you fine folk in the feedback section. Can Samsung ever make a go of its own app store? Which app store is better: Apple or Android? Is Ubuntu Touch ready for prime time? And how do you listen to music and hoover at the same time?

Finally we turn to the one member of the team that talks any sense, our loquacious chum Otamatone, who's cast his discerning eye over the Samsung PS60E6500.

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