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Galaxy S4 could have eye-scrolling tech

Samsung's next smartphone could let you navigate with your eyes, Twitter kills TweetDeck apps, and HitBliss users pay for movies by watching commercials.

CNET Update has eye-scrolling superpowers:

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Samsung Galaxy S4 reports continue to roll in before the smartphone's big reveal on March 14. The latest report: being able to scroll down just by looking at the bottom of the screen. The New York Times suggests it could be related to Samsung's patent on Eye Scroll and Eye Pause. But this technology isn't far fetched. The Galaxy S3 camera already tracks eye movement to prevent a screen from dimming while users are watching a movie or reading. And at CES, TheEyeTribe demonstrated how easy and affordable it was to install this technology in smartphones and tablets.

Those of you that watch Update until the end will be rewarded with a brand new segment called "This is Happening." May it enrich your life.

Stories also featured in Tuesday's tech news roundup:

- YouTube may be testing its own streaming music service

- Twitter is killing TweetDeck apps, including the the Adobe AIR desktop app

- HitBliss users earn free movies and shows by watching commercials

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