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Gadgettes 92: The Summer Weekend Entertainment Extravaganza Episode

Summer happens but once a year. Enjoy it. Here...we'll get you started on your path to summer fulfillment.

Summer happens but once a year. Enjoy it. Here...we'll get you started on your path to summer fulfillment.
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A TV phone that Spongebob would appreciate

Take to the seas, it’s barbecue time!

Baja BBQ

Always be ready for battle with a squirt-gun coffee table

Dutch claim world’s first solar speedboat

The Dough-nu-matic: Homer Simpson would be having a field day

Kill me:
Best Buy’s Geek Squad jumps on ‘Sex’ fever

SheZoom. It’s “for women.”

Astrodea Celestial Watch puts the universe right at your wrist

Fiber-optic art

Tool Time
Freehand wrist storage puts your pocket on your wrist


Alberto - A new segment!

(Celebrity siting) E-MAIL(s):

Hey guys, you asked for people to write in with their celebrity sightings.
I just wanted to share with you briefly that I met the entire Dave Matthews
Band outside of the Minneapolis Target Center in November of 2005. I was
star struck and they were all extremely polite individuals. I got pictures
with them and had them sign my ticket; it was incredible. Anyways, thanks
for the podcast, peace.



Since Molly asked: my only random celebrity sighting was when I saw
Paul Walker (of “The Fast and the Furious,” etc.) in the small Central
American country of El Salvador in 2005. I was there visiting my
friend’s family, and one night we all went to an Argentinian
restaurant to celebrate his cousin’s 19th birthday. She got quite the
unexpected surprise when Mr. Walker strolled into the restaurant. Our
waitress went over to his table and returned with a very nice birthday
wish he had scribbled onto a napkin. He even paused for a picture
with her as he returned from the restroom. Needless to say, she spent
the rest of the evening on her cell phone calling each and every one
of her friends. (It turns out that El Salvador is somewhat of a mecca
for surfers which is why he was there in the first place.)



Maybe 20-ish years ago I was in, of all places, the Little Rock, Ark., airport looking out the windows into the kind of ridiculous fog that limits your visibility to maybe 4′. It was at this point that I heard someone SCREAMING about how ridiculous it was that planes weren’t taking off and I actually heard the phrase “do you know who I am?”

It was Jerry Van Dyke. Not Dick - Jerry.

Was kinda surreal to see Luther from “Coach” yelling obscenities at hapless ticket agents.

In retrospect I wish I had had the “Douche Cards” on me at the time.



Hey Gadgettes,
I was in O’Hare a couple of years ago on my way back home from Chicago. My flight was delayed, so I decided to get some eats in the food court. It was the last day of Lollapalooza. I was waiting in line at the Burger King when a blur of eyeliner and hairspray cut in front of me. Turns out it was Jared Leto’s band 30 Seconds to Mars, and they got in line with their roadie. I was tired and I’ve also done the whole partner-in-line cut, so I didn’t pick a fight. Well, every member of the band decided to order on a separate ticket. Jared was last, and he had a long (LONG) order. Then he couldn’t find the money, so he had to ask his bandmates for cash in the form of quarters. By this time, I was FREAKING OUT. There was one greasy actor keeping me from the greasy pit that I call love. It had been like fifteen minutes, and I was freaking hungry! As I finally walked away with my foodstuffs, I saw him bring back his order, complaining that they didn’t put enough ketchup on his burger and he ordered them to make his order over.
Grade-A Douche.



OMG Jason’s wife exists! It’s not Molly!

I once rode in a hotel elevator with George Takei. I got in and, like
Molly didn’t make a big deal. I just smiled. He left before me and he
said ‘have a nice day.” His voice is soooo deep, it’s hard to believe
it comes from that tiny body! I was giddy.

Also, Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) did my friend’s incoming voice mail
message for him once; and he sounds like 3PO, but really tired.