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Gadgettes 127: The OMG SO CUTE Episode

OK. Maybe not everything in today's show is super cute, but it gives the ladies the chance to speak in exaggerated falsettos. Jason, on the other hand, balances all the cute with an unintentionally awkward joke about one of the newest segments.

OK. Maybe not everything in today's show is super cute, but it gives the ladies the chance to speak in exaggerated falsettos. Jason, on the other hand, balances all the cute with an unintentionally awkward joke about one of the newest segments. Oh, you'll see.

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Candy Comfort Earphones are comfy and kitschy

PBS Sprout makes iPhone apps for preschoolers

Yuruppy, a virtual-pet petting gizmo

Australian IT expert invents the shoe phone

Could the Bra Dryer save your lingerie?

Yuento Music Balloon

Apropos (of) nothing
Temperature-Sensitive Glass Tiles Make For A Psychedelic Shower

It’s about time
Hanko watch a design nerd’s joy

Celebrity Tech
Paris bought a pink Bentley

What the Hell?! (thanks Charlene!)
Tampon Flash drive opens gross possibilities for female spies

Hello Kitty Watch (Bling edition)
Hello Kitty/Swarovski M.A.C. makeup line

Bling RX (thanks to the Dr. himself)
Swarovski-studded wheelchair makes a bold statement


I need to check the level of toolosity on this. I have the resources to get my kindle 2 laser etched. Before xkcd published the comic, I was planning getting the Hitchhiker’s Guide logo etched on the back. I knew it was tooly, but worry it has gone from a level of 2 to 10. Opinions?

Nibbler aka Sean The New York Drupal Developer

Hey all,

I was just listening to episode 125, cracking up at the porn songs people sent in. And by the way, I have been humming said porn tunes all day long. Anyway, I have a question for Molly. When you were talking about the geek words that make you go "huh?" I have to say, binary had the same effect on me. I have been mulling over the meaning of binary for days now. Can you please explain what binary means in that sentence: "To bad heat is Binary." Thanks in advance. Love the show; you gals and guy rock.


Ever want to attract all those lovely looking alien women? Try out one of these official Star Trek colognes. Definately a must for all those guys that wore half a bottle of “Polo” back in high school, and haven’t had a date since.

Paul (alamode) Cyopick

Hi Molly, Kelly & Jason,

I’ve just started listening to your show and I love it and think it’s fantastic. Now I heard on one episode that Molly received a Nespresso Essenza Coffee Maker with Aeroccino milk frother from her hubby and that a new segment started on last week’s show…Bling RX….and so I thought I’d pass this along.

That’s right…it’s now a Swarovski studded Nespresso Essenza Coffee Maker with Aeroccino milk frother!! (note I don’t know if the milk frother is Swarovski-ed as well)

Keep up the great show!

Kempsey, Australia

P.S. Molly, loved how you paid it back to those fanboys on the last mailbag….way to go girl!

Hey Jamoke,

This is Augustus writing here from Singapore - a tiny dot on out in
Southeast Asia better known for the Creative brand. You know what,
we’ve also got pretty good internet providers over here too. On our
tiny island, we’ve got 3 major carriers competing, 100mbps broadband
and decent rates. My friends studying in the US have confirmed the
unfortunate situation over there, and I must say, I don’t know how I’d
cope. Internet caps? Now, that’s just too crazy. What are we?
Luddites? What would Kurzweil have to say?

Anyway, I’m a writer here in Singapore. My beats are tech, fashion and
design - and I just had to share this totally awesome piece of tech I came across.

It’s the Chanel Segway. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool fashion guy who happens
to love me some good tech, so I was pretty stoked about this baby.
Although, I must say I recently slashed Molly’s Viv in a recent piece
I did in favour of the Sony Vaio P. Pricey, I know. But it’s trop
chic! Plus, that peony design - lovely and all - reminds me far too
much of a bridal shop in Chinatown. But, back to the Chanel Segway -
quilted black leather. Nuff said. Although, I guess the Gap-lovers out
there might find this a tad obnoxious. You guys decide. Molly, you
totally look like a fashion-y kind of girl. You guys should do more
fashion-tech stuff!

Also, guys mentioned that fish treatment that exfoliate the feet a
while ago. It’s kinda like having Mother Nature give you a pedicure.
Feels like loofah. Friend of mine owns a chain down here, and it’s a
pretty big thing. They’ve got full body treatments, if you can wrap
your head around that. I went to a farm where they had specimens the
size of my forearm. Toes all in tact. I’m just saying.

P.S. I’m a one-month old fan, and I’m running through the episodes at
a rate of 2 a day. Love the show!

Augustus Loi