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Gadgets for grandparents

The firstSTREET catalog company has plenty of gift ideas for high-tech kids buying gifts for their parents and grandparents.

Flying monkeys from

It's getting down to the wire for holiday gift-giving. I am afraid I missed the boat for making recommendations in time for Hanukkah, and I am just starting on my Christmas list. With online shopping, I go right down to the deadline that regular shipping service can handle.

I've been looking for some cool gift ideas for the grandparents in our lives. The seniors I know are fairly tech-savvy in at least one area of their lives, if not totally enamored with gadgets. My Mom still doesn't like her cell phone but she is an eBay maven, for example.

So it's been fun thinking about what kinds of gadgets they might enjoy, and I have found a great source for gift-giving. The firstSTREET catalog specializes in gadgets aimed "at Boomers and Beyond." Interestingly, the business started out as more of a general gadget catalog, but as its buyers began to skew older, firstSTREET evolved its offerings to appeal to this emerging market. After all, catering to Baby Boomers is following the money.

Bestsellers include gadgets to improve sound quality on TV speakers and phones, and there are also plenty of gift ideas for family members of all ages. I might just have to see just how much fun a Flying Screaming Monkey toy can be.