Fuzzy or clear for your iPod gear

Has your iPod become a sort of appendage, worthy of outerwear and the latest fashion trends? Or are you one of those who believe the music player's sleek design makes a statement of its own and shouldn't be cloaked?

Tactile case
Credit: HotROMZ

Rest assured, iPod case designers have you both in mind.

For the former, HotROMZ is selling a line of "Tactile" cases that transform your iPod into a warm, fuzzy and stylish friend. Your iPod becomes the low-maintenance version of the carry-around poodle. The cases go for $16.95 to $24.95, depending up the style and iPod version. They range in theme from the Star Trek "Tribble" collection--including a "Blondes have more fun Tribble"--to the "Pink Flamingo" version, made of fluffy faux feathers. The cases were featured as the iPod case of the month in last month's MacAddict magazine.

Credit: ezGear
For the iPod minimalist who wants some protection without mucking up the look, ezGear recently introduced its "clearCase," made of ultra-clear acrylic with openings to all ports and the click wheel.

The clearCase was developed with the belief that the iPod is so good-looking, "it should be heard and seen," said ezGear President Charlie Bernstein in a statement, promoting his new product's "simple elegance." It sells for about $20 and is available through ezGear and other online retailers.

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