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Fun with 'Snowda': Star Wars fans build adorable Baby Yoda snowmen

These Baby Yoda snow sculptures are just as cute as the little guy on The Mandalorian. Just colder.

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Nicknamed Baby Yoda, this might be the cutest Star Wars character from The Mandalorian on Disney Plus. 


Why build a boring, traditional snowman when you can make an adorable, icy Snowda? 

Fans of the Disney Plus Star Wars series The Mandalorian took to the snow all over the US and Canada to crafts their own Baby Yoda snow sculptures they nicknamed Snowda

While some Baby Yoda snow sculptures are huge, like this 6-foot-tall Snowda from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, others are kid-size, like this big-eared Snowda from Ottawa, Ontario.

Other fans took their creativity a bit further by painting their Snowda green and brown and depicting it holding a cup of some kind of hot beverage. Fans also dressed up their Snowda in an actual brown robe.

But these impressive Snowda sculptures, built especially for the St. Paul, Minnesota, Winter Carnival, might be the most impressive of all. 

Originally published Feb. 2, 8 a.m. PT.