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Full metal keyboard

Our lust for brushed metal betrays us again

Some of us at Crave have a rather unusual confession to make: We have a weakness for brushed metal. Aluminum, titanium, stainless steel--we just can't get enough. (Yes, we've been given the names of several reputable therapists.)

It probably started in our formative years with the DeLorean but has persisted right up to the cool steel profile of the LG Shine. You'll understand, therefore, why we never miss a chance to ogle these shiny objects, even if they be the otherwise mundane computer peripheral.

Onkyo, which won us over decades ago with its stereo equipment, has lured us again with its "Wavio" line of desktop equipment, which includes an aluminum keyboard and matching mouse to complement its recently released audio PC, according to Akihabara News.

It's not the first time we've seen a bare-metal keyboard, and undoubtedly won't be the last. But no matter how strange this fetish might seem, we know that we're not alone.