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Fuji puts new cameras in the frame

Fuji Photo Film announced five new digital camera models Thursday, all using the new xD-Picture Card storage media the company unveiled earlier this week. The 2-megapixel FinePix A200 and FinePix 2650 are entry-level cameras priced at $180 and $250, respectively. The 2-megapixel FinePix A203 and the 3.24-megapixel FinePix A303 include more advanced focus and exposure controls and are priced at $280 and $350, respectively.

The FinePix 3800 Zoom is intended for more advanced photographers looking for manual exposure settings and support for add-on lens adapters. It will sell for $450. All the cameras are set to go on sale in September, at the same time as xD-Picture storage cards go on the market.