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Frigidaire announces the flexible 2-in-1 Classic Slate Freezer

This new model switches from freezer to refrigerator with the flip of a switch.

Colin McDonald/CNET

Frigidaire's theory is that most people don't use their utility freezer. The proposed solution: the Frigidaire 2-in-1 Classic Slate Freezer, which features a trendy slate gray color scheme and the ability to move between freezer and refrigeration modes with a single switch.

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In addition to that convenience, the new freezer has Frigidaire's SpaceWise moveable organization system that allows you to customize the storage layout. The company also says a forthcoming LED lighting system will help make it easier to see what you've stashed away.

The freezer will be available in April, with a starting price of $989. That puts it on the higher end of the utility freezer market, but it could be worth it if it spares your frozen food from an eternity of freezer burn.