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Friday Poll: Would you boycott Apple?

Apple's huge earnings have been shadowed by a New York Times report on harsh working conditions at Chinese plants that make Apple products. Are you reconsidering your Apple brand loyalty?

Apple workers in China
Apple workers at a supplier facility in Shanghai, China. Apple

It's the tale of two Apples. One is a shining fruit that recently reported $13 billion in profits.

The other has potential worms inside in the form of a New York Times report on injuries and poor working conditions at Chinese manufacturing plants that make the company's products.

The Times story delves into a history of explosions, accidents, cramped living conditions, and brutally long work weeks at plants that make products for Apple.

In response, a petition has been launched demanding an "ethical iPhone 5." Donald Trump has even weighed in, saying that Apple should manufacture its devices in the United States, rather than overseas.

There have been calls for boycotts of Apple products, but that also raises the issue that this isn't just an Apple problem. Other large companies such as Dell and Sony also use Foxconn Technology, the manufacturer that was the focus of the New York Times piece.

Some consumers say they are reconsidering their Apple brand loyalty. Others feel that switching to another smartphone won't make a difference in the lives of Chinese workers until there are widespread changes in the way the tech industry deals with its suppliers.

Where do you fall on that spectrum? Will you boycott Apple? Vote in our poll and expand on your answer in the comments.