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Friday Poll: The next great culinary contraption?

The Noodle Waterslide from Japanese toymaker Bandai shouldn't be alone at the table. What else should be featured in an amusement park for food?

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Games with grub
Which edible contraption would you grab first?

BBQ ribs swing set
Meatball merry-go-round
Pad Thai play fort
Fried chicken Laser Tag
Big Buck Hunter: Real Venison Edition

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Noodle Waterslide

This week, we got a gander at the Noodle Waterslide from Japanese toymaker Bandai, and it looks fun. But it shouldn't be forced to sit at the dinner table alone. We think there should be a whole amusement park for food!

Which of these imaginary culinary contraptions would you try first if you saw them all on the table? Or maybe you have other ideas? Tell us in our TalkBack section below.