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Friday Poll: Most impressive company at E3?

Which console gaming company stole the show for you at E3 2011, if anyone? Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony?

E3 2011 is officially over, but with it came lots of new details on hardware and software from the three major players in console video games.

Microsoft showed off a slew of upcoming Kinect-enabled titles, plus Live TV on the Xbox and some exclusive games. YouTube and Bing will also be available via the Xbox, while voice control will enable players to interact with the Xbox and future games in a unique way.

Nintendo perhaps stole the show, revealing the successor to the Nintendo Wii: the Wii U. The gaming giant also revealed a special new controller for its upcoming console that contains a 6.2-inch touch screen and other familiars, somewhat like a tablet. The company also celebrated the 25th anniversary of Zelda in grand fashion.

Sony, meanwhile, stunned many with the news that the quad-core handheld gaming device once known as NGP and now known as PlayStation Vita would have two models that cost less than $300. The Japanese company also surprised everyone with the announcement of a 24-inch PlayStation-branded 3D HDTV with dual passive 3D view, enabling two gamers to see different things on the same TV.

Which console company impressed you the most during E3 2011? Vote in our weekly poll. And please be sure to elaborate in the comments section.