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Friday Poll: Concur with Woz's Android comments?

Apple's co-founder recently praised Android features like GPS integration, battery life, and voice commands. Do you agree with the Woz? If so, what is Android's greatest advantage over the iPhone?

Wozniak speaking
Steve Wozniak carries both an iPhone and an Android device around. James Martin/CNET

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak created a comment explosion over his recent remarks about certain advantages he sees with Android phones.

Woz isn't pitching his iPhone into the shrubbery, but he did talk to the Daily Beast about several Android features he feels trump the iPhone's offerings. GPS navigation, battery life, and voice commands all made the list.

The Android versus iPhone debate has been as emotional as the great over-versus-under toilet paper debate. Hearing an Apple icon praise the other side just stirs the pot up a little bit more.

Wozniak isn't really slapping the iPhone around. He still recommends it as the top smartphone for most people, but he certainly sounds wistful about some of Android's features.

Running up against limitations with the iPhone doesn't phase Wozniak. He also packs an Android phone for when he needs it. Most people don't have the luxury of carrying two high-powered smartphones.

Do you agree with Wozniak that Android holds certain advantages over the iPhone? If so, what is Android's greatest advantage? Vote in the poll and hash it out in the comments.